Perfect Menu Designing Tips

The moment you enter a restaurant, the first thing served to you is a menu.


A menu is the first impression of the kind of food you wish to expect from a place for example a high end fine-dine menu is very chic minimalistic, just highlighting the dishes you will also notice the prices are in the smallest font size and in a clear typeface; and on the contrary a fast food chain's menu will be highly pictorial with big chunky fonts and a very peppy c

Color selection.

Fine Dine vs Take Away style of Menu

FONTS AND TYPEFACE, typography of the menu!

Let us start with understanding what exactly is a typeface,

*the style and size of the printed letters used in a newspaper, book, document, etc.: large/small typeface. a different/wrong typeface. bold/italic/roman type. (Definition of “typeface” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

on the other hand a font,

is a set of letters and symbols in a particular design and size

It is crucial to use